Donations and Dues

You may now pay your dues, and give donations using your PayPal account.


Regular                                                   $15.00
Regular – Household                            $25.00
Associate – (non voting)                      $12.00
Associate – Household (non voting) $20.00
Dues – Junior (10-17 years of age)     $ 6.00

Donations Types:

General Fund
Trophy Fund
Specialty Fund

Click on this link to go to PayPal      Go to PayPal

After filling in the dollar amount, click on “Add a note”. Type in exactly what dues you are paying (Regular/Associate/Junior, single or household), and if a contribution is being added, specify what you are donating money for and how much. If you do NOT specify where the extra donation should go, it will be directed to the General Fund.



Dear Member:

Over the years, your Bluebonnet Cardigan Welsh Corgi Club has supported such worthwhile organizations as Responsible Pet Owners Association, Take the Lead, the Rescue Bank and the AKC Companion Animal Recovery (CAR). In addition, your Club has put on regional specialties and sponsored holiday parties.

On behalf of the BCWCC, I hope that you wil help us to continue our efforts by making an extra donation to our general fund. Without your help and participation in the Bluebonnet Cardigan Welsh Corgi Club, we would not be able to exist.

If you would like a receipt for your donations, please send me an email at this address:         I will be happy to provide you with a receipt.

Thank you for your generous support.


Fred Goodson- Secretary

Susan Bogan-   Treasurer